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Vietnam vacation packages for a beach, sun and sand

The charm of Indochina through the organized Vietnam Vacation packages could start from a single trip through the Vietnam packages tours and serene beach side resorts that are one of the prides of this captivating country. Vietnam is a destination which is suitable for families with children as it has a lot of water activities to which families discover it altogether.

If you are looking for a beach side resort town with all sort of luxury facilities as well as a family friendly beach holiday then, the resort town of Mui Ne, a pleasant seaside resort in the Phan Thiet region in southern Vietnam and only 200 KM from the Ho Chi Minh City; the weather is always perfect in Mui Ne that makes it an ideal destination for beach holiday to Vietnam and a number one destination for water sports such as kite surfing, wind surfing and other water sports. There are villas and luxury beach resorts on the beach with plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Mui Ne has become a tourist destination with all the trimmings and usually attracts vacation makers from all over the world to enjoy a perfect beach holiday.

kite-surfering lovers will find the suitable wind to glide over the waves, the best time is from December to May, when European and American tourist think of a winter break, Average temperature in Mui Ne is around  27 ° C without humidity particular, a bit ‘as in the south of Europe in the summer time.

What to do in Mui Ne – Plan a family friendly Vietnam vacation packages

The seafood may be a major recommendation in Mui Ne, there are many coastal villages where the inhabitants are dedicated mainly to the fishing and live by this for every day, you can surely accept a fish directly from the sea and on the table of the typical places, maybe watching the waves at sunset over the Hoa Thang beach.

An easy hike on the Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) and through the natural phenomenon just next to the sand dunes and within a walking from the tropical beach is another great experience that one could expect to do in Mui Ne. Among the must see in the area there are also two quiet freshwater lakes, Trang Bau and the Bau Sen near the town of Hon Rom. Slip down from the red sand dunes, you do it on a simple cardboard or on a modern quad is something to experience.

Discover the local market at Phu Thu is a unique experience if you are looking for a different things to do and to see in the town, there are different kind of fish to buy, haggle for the best price and taste the fresh tropical fruit for free, get your camera ready as this is an opportunity that you wil not find even in the neighboring Laos and the Cambodia.

For the beach, you just need to relax and soak up under the sun while the children play on the sand, in front of a magical setting like the beach of Mui Rang, palm trees behind and sea in front of you, children playing with sand or jump into the pool. Finding an accommodation is not a problem at all, indeed. The modern and luxury resorts are comfortable and with great facilities and good qualities, with a swimming pool, gym, wellness area. The lush gardens are a good reason for a walk in the morning.

Upon arrival in Vietnam, you might be landed in Ho Chi Minh city from where you could find out plenty of options to get to Mui Ne, from Saigon we went by bus to Mui ne for an about 6 hours. The town is delightful with beautiful hotels built over the sea along a single street and behind the many restaurants.

Planning a Vietnam Vacation Packages

It is best to book in advance, Vietnam is a destination that is booming day by day, there are a huge numbers of tourists floating everywhere in the country and as Vietnam is famous for its long and sunny beaches then it is advice to look through the online Vietnam packages tours and choose from a wide selection of vacation packages on offer.

If you are searching for the best time to go to Vietnam, I would say that the climate chart of Vietnam is divided into two part, the rainy and wet and dry and hot season, if you are touring the country from north to south then you must consider the weather as there are different conditions between north and southern Vietnam, when is rainy in Ho Chi Minh City, it could be sunny in Hanoi and when is cold and windy in the north it could be sunny and hot in the south. However, the beaches in Vietnam have somehow very stable climates all year round and being on a Vietnam vacation packages

Combine your Vietnam vacation with Cambodia and or Laos

Traveling through Vietnam and Cambodia is like completing a puzzle, there are many route to plan and design for a perfect vacation, for instant, I can suggest you to arrive in Hanoi and plan your holiday from where you could see Halong Bay, Sapa, Hue and Hoi An, perhaps Nha Trang and then Mui Ne, end your Travel to Vietnam in Saigon and flight to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh to start a new but full of wonders and impressive sites to see and experience. Most of the travelers rave about Southern Vietnam and Cambodia including Mekong Delta Waterways, home –stays, floating markets and a lot of other activities.

In Cambodia, there are a variety of Cambodia tour packages for luxury holiday makers which for instant you can opt for the three main regions in Cambodia:

Phnom Penh: The bustling capital of the kingdom of Khmer with all its markets, royal palaces and pleasant Mekogn River sunset makes it a popular city to hop on and start the truly unique journey, however, The city of Phnom Penh, is located half way between Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City. Phnom Penh is the largest city in Cambodia, where more than 2 million people live. This mega-bustling and noisy mix of traditional Asian and modern is usually the point chosen to take a break along the way en route to the temples of Angkor. However, Angkor Wat will be surely an impressive part of your Vietnam and Cambodia holidays

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