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Reedy Brushed SC500X ESC & Sport 550 15T 3-Slot Motor

Over at Reedy they have announced a Brushed SC500X ESC as well as a Sport 550 15T 3-Slot Motor. Both of these units have been used in AE’s RTRs before and have proven to be affordable, reliable performers. Here are the highlights- Reedy SC500X Brushed ESC * Max Cell Count – 3S LiPo * Motor […]
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Element Enduro Knightrunner RTR In Blue

New from Element RC is the Enduro Knightrunner RTR In Blue. The Enduro Knightrunner is one of the top rated scale crawlers on the market, soon you will be able to get it in RTR form with a pre-painted blue body. Here are more highlights- * Injection-molded grill, mirrors, door handles, & wipers * Thermoformed […]
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Reedy Zappers DR 8250mAh HV-LiPo Competition Drag Battery

New from Reedy is the Zappers DR 8250mAh HV-LiPo Competition Drag Battery. The new Zapper features the latest and greatest in LiPo technology to help you crush it on the drag strip. Check out these highlights- * Designed specifically for drag racing * High capacity and C rating * Minimal voltage drop at launch * […]
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JConcepts RC10 & RC10 Worlds Classic Fin Titanium Turnbuckle Sets

New from JConcepts are RC10 Classic & RC10 Worlds Classic Fin Titanium Turnbuckle Sets. These high-end turnbuckle sets are stylish, lightweight, and so much tricker than the stock parts. Here are the highlights- * Available for the Team Associated RC10 Worlds car & RC10 classic * Tough black anodizing * 3mm thread base accepts standard […]
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Team Associated RC10B6.4 Team Kit

Coming hot on the heals of their new RC10B6.4D is the Team Associated RC10B6.4 Team Kit. This full-on race buggy has numerous upgrades from the “point 3” to be more durable, and faster, than ever before. Here are the highlights- * 13mm big-bore threaded aluminum shocks and springs * Machined shock pistons * +3mm length […]
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Team Associated RC10B6.4D Team Kit

The big news out of Team Associated today is the announcement of their upcoming RC10B6.4D Team Kit. The new “point 4” version of the B6 buggy comes with numerous upgrades and improvements. Check out these highlights- * Next generation 13mm diameter threaded big-bore shocks and springs * Updated steering system with adjustable height bellcranks * […]
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Reedy Zappers SG5 Competition HV-LiPo Batteries

Hot off the press from Reedy are Zappers SG5 Competition HV-LiPo Batteries. The new SG5 cells feature leading edge LiPo chemistry to give you more capacity, power output, and durability. Here are the highlights- * 3.8 volts per cell nominal voltage * Can be safely charged to 4.35V/cell * Available in twelve configurations * High […]
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Team Associated DR10M Drag Race Team Kit

New from Team Associated is the 1/10th scaled DR10M Drag Race Team Kit. The new mid-motored DR10M was designed to increase stability, traction, as well as overall handling. Here are the highlights- * Mid-motor design creates improved traction and control * Durable front and rear wide body mounts * Rigid, 4mm thick carbon fiber rear […]
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Exotek Aluminum Alloy Differential Gear for the B6.3

New from Exotek Racing is an Aluminum Alloy Differential Gear for the Associated B6.3. This beefy diff gear was designed for high power applications like drag racing and is perfect for helping to bomb proof your transmission. Check out these highlights- * Heavy duty machined 7075 alloy differential case * Fits AE B6.3 & B6.2 […]
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