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KO Propo Factory Tuned SP-03.1D Drift Steering Servo

New over at KO Propo is a Factory Tuned SP-03.1D Drift Steering Servo. The SP-03.1D comes with parameters specially customized for rear wheel drift cars. Check out these highlights- * All aluminum body * Low profile design to fit in tight spaces * Powered by a highly efficient brushless motor * Highly adjustable with programming […]
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KO Propo BSx4S Grasper Series Servo

New from KO Propo is the BSx4S Grasper Series Servo. KO Propo has long been known for making some of the smoothest servos on the market and their new BSx4S Grasper comes with all the latest in servo technology. Check out these highlights- * Starts shipping in October * Standard size to fit most applications […]
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Reedy RT5012A HV Digital Competition 1/8 Servo

The good folks over at Reedy have announced the RT5012A HV Digital Competition Servo. The RT5012A was designed to be the ultimate combination of performance and durability. Here are the highlights- * High torque brushless motor * Full aluminum case * Waterproof * Optimized speed * Precise metal gears * Dual bearings * High voltage […]
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REEF’s RC Beast 1000 5th Scale Steering Servo

REEF’s RC has released its first of two servos for large-scale R/C models. The Beast 1000 5th Scale Servo packs a 1-2 punch of speed and torque, giving fans of 1/5-scale radio-controlled machines a new steering servo upgrade option. Known for its “standard” 1/10-scale and micro servos and servo winches, this is the first large-scale […]
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Team Garage Hack LO Pro Long Servo Arm

New over at Team Garage Hack is a LO Pro Long Servo Arm for rock crawlers. The TGH crew is well known for their high-end crawler upgrades and their new LO Pro Long Servo Arm was designed for hardcore off-roading. Here are the highlights- * 25 tooth * Clamps at servo for added strength * […]
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SRT Releases the BH815S 1/10-scale On-Road Servo

SRT (Star Refined Technology) has released its latest servo for 1/10-scale, on-road R/C cars. Designed with performance in mind, the BH815S is a high-voltage, brushless servo that aims to provide ultra-fast performance and response when you need it most. The SRT BH815S features digital control and uses a dual-bearing setup with full metal gears inside. […]
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Hitec’s Premier No Prep Drag Racing Servo – MD485HW

Over at Hitec they are letting everyone know about their MD485HW no prep drag racing servo. No prep drag racing is hotter than it has ever been, and there are a lot of people out there looking for an affordable, yet high performance servo. The Hitec MD485HW has the performance you are looking for in […]
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The Big Squid RC crew has gotten bit by the drag racing bug, with more than a handful of us now owning no prep drag cars. Now for the Team Associated DR10 I will be keeping it stock for a while, or at least until I learn to control it better. Hone my skills with […]
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REEF’s RC Refreshes its Triple7 Servo

REEF’s RC has updated its powerhouse Triple7 steering servo with a new case construction and a fully-programmable option. Wrapped entirely in CNC’d aluminum, the refreshed 777 servo is now more durable than ever and ready to tackle the trail. The internals of this servo remain changed, offering the same power and speed as the original […]
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