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RPM Chassis & Differential Covers for the LaTrax Teton & Rally

The good folks over at RPM have announced Chassis & Differential Covers for the LaTrax Teton & Rally. The new covers from RPM can be used to help bomb proof your LaTrax and are made from RPM’s legendary plastic blend. Backed by RPM’s limited lifetime breakage warranty, the covers look good and are a great […]
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RPM Wide Front Bumper for the Losi Mini-T 2.0 & Mini-B

Recently announced by RPM is a Wide Front Bumper for the Losi Mini-T 2.0, as well as the Losi Mini-B. The new bumper is extra wide to give your rig maximum protection. Check out these highlights- * 3-1/2” (88.9mm) wide * Extends in front of chassis & wheels making it the first point of contact […]
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RPM Heavy Duty Wing Mount System for ARRMA 6S Vehicles

New from RPM is a Heavy Duty Wing Mount for select ARRMA 6S vehicles. The stock ARRMA wing mount takes a ton of abuse during hard bashing, the new RPM unit was designed to take a big hit, and come back for more. Here are the highlights- * Oversized wing mounts, rear skid plate, & […]
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RPM 1/10 Mock Radiator and Fans

Recently announced over at RPM is a 1/10 Mock Radiator and Fans. The mock radiator and fans are easy to install and make it a breeze to add some scale realism to your ride. Here are the highlights- * Includes mounting hardware * Molded from RPM’s durable nylon * Footprint – 89 x 54mm * […]
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RPM Front A-arms for the ARRMA 6S (V5 & EXB) Line of Vehicles

New from RPM are some very tough Front A-Arms for ARRMA 6S vehicles. RPM has a legendary reputation for making tough parts and their new ARRMA front arms are designed for hardcore bashing. Here are the highlights- * Stock replacement a-arms for V5/EXB models * Designed for the ARRMA Kraton, Notorious, Talion, Fireteam, & Outcast […]
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RPM Front & Rear Shock Towers for the Traxxas Hoss 4×4 & Rustler 4×4

For all you Traxxas Hoss and Rustler 4×4 owners out there, RPM is about to make your day. New from RPM are Shock Towers made from their legendary blend of plastic to fit your trucks. These are not only made from RPM’s incredibly durable plastic, but have also been slightly redesigned to enforce certain areas […]
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RPM Front Bumper for the ARRMA Kraton 6S

Coming soon from RPM is a Front Bumper for the mighty ARRMA Kraton 6S. Like everything that RPM produces, their new front bumper is more than ready for extreme bashing. Check out these highlights- * Updated to work with all current versions * Fits V5, EXB, as well as older models * Hinge pin retainer […]
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RPM Drops New A-Arms for the Associated Rival MT10

Over at RPM they have announced upgrade A-Arms for the Associated MT10 monster truck. The new arms were designed for extreme use, yet are extremely lightweight. Check out these highlights- * Shipping and available right now * Made from RPM’s legendary blend of plastic * Available for front or rear * Easy to install The […]
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RPM Body Skid Rails

Over at RPM they have just announced new Body Skid Rails. The new skid rails were designed to keep your body from being damaged while sliding upside down on pavement, gravel, etc. Check out these highlights- * Fits 1/12 to 1/5 sized vehicles * Segmented design makes it easy to bend around curves * Mounting […]
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