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Reedy WolfPack Shorty LiPo Batteries with XT60 Plug

New from Reedy are a pair of affordable WolfPack Shorty LiPo Batteries with XT60 Plugs. Save time by having the pros at Reedy pre-solder a high current XT60 plug on for you with this pair of trail ready LiPo packs. Here are more highlights- * Perfectly suited for trail trucks, crawlers, or a variety of […]
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Reedy RT5012A HV Digital Competition 1/8 Servo

The good folks over at Reedy have announced the RT5012A HV Digital Competition Servo. The RT5012A was designed to be the ultimate combination of performance and durability. Here are the highlights- * High torque brushless motor * Full aluminum case * Waterproof * Optimized speed * Precise metal gears * Dual bearings * High voltage […]
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Reedy Blackbox 850R Drag Race Competition ESC

New from Reedy is the Blackbox 850R Drag Race Competition ESC. This burly speed controller was engineered for hardcore drag racing and comes with special drag racing specific software. Here are the highlights- * Durable option for 2S 1/10th scaled drag racing * 2S 1/10 drag racing firmware pre-installed * CNC machined black aluminum case […]
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Reedy Zappers DR Competition HV-LiPo Drag Race Batteries

New from Reedy are a line-up of Reedy Zappers DR Competition HV-LiPo Batteries. These batteries improve the speed and power of your rc drag car. With four models of high output LiHV drag batteries to choose from, they will work well for a bunch of different applications. Here are the highlights- * Heavy duty construction […]
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Reedy Radon 2 Crawler 550 Brushed Motors

Just announced by Reedy is a line-up of Radon 2 Crawler 550 Brushed Motors. The Reedy Crawler 550 motors are big on stump yanking torque, but don’t make a big dent to your wallet. Check out these highlights- * Longer armature and magnets give more torque than a standard 540 design * Ideal for heavier […]
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Reedy Zappers SG4 Competition HV-LiPo Batteries

New from Reedy are Zappers SG4 Competition HV-LiPo Batteries. The new Reedy Zappers feature state-of-the-art LiPo chemistry, along with advanced construction techniques, to produce batteries that have high voltage under load, that will also stand the test of time. Here are more highlights- * Heavy-duty internal construction * Low IR (internal resistance) design * Improved […]
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Reedy Blackbox 600Z-G2 Zero-Timing Competition ESC

Announced earlier today by Reedy is the Blackbox 600Z-G2 zero-timing competition brushless ESC. The Blackbox 600Z-G2 is affordable and race proven, which is perfect for racers on a budget. Here are the highlights- * Small size fits nearly anywhere * Lightweight design * Single button programming * Fully adjustable * Zero-timing R.O.A.R.-approved software (pending) * […]
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Reedy Crawler 550 14T 5-Slot Brushed Motor

Shipping right now from Reedy is the Crawler 550 14T 5-Slot Brushed Motor. This motor has been specifically tuned to give your rock crawler strong, predictable power, and comes stock in the Element Enduro Gatekeeper RTR. Here are the highlights- * Highly capable, yet cost effective * Long can 550 design yields exceptional torque and […]
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Reedy gets a new Pullover Hoodie

New from Reedy is the new W20 Pullover Hoodie which is just in time for these cold winter months! Why not show off your Reedy loyalty and stay warm while doing it. These are the same hoodies the Reedy Racing Team gets to wear. * Iconic Reedy logos front and back * 50/50 cotton and […]
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