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Traxxas 2s LiPo & Charger Completer Pack

New from Traxxas is a 2S LiPo Single Battery & Charger Completer Pack. Whether you are upgrading to LiPo power or simply looking to save some cash on a combo, the completer pack should come in handy. The pack comes with one 5800mAh 2S LiPo and an EZ-Peak Plus Charger. This combo should work great […]
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Drone Racing Coming to ESPN

In another move forward on the path to global domination, drone racing will soon be arriving on ESPN. Thanks to the International Drone Racing Association, we will all be watching our favorite hobby continue it’s meteoric rise and take center stage on the world wide leader in sports in the very near future. The international, […]
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Jasper Hobbies – Ultimate Hobby Tray

The Ultimate Hobby Tray is designed to be a portable hobby workspace which is great for those of us who have to use the dining room table, floor or even the kitchen counter as the occasional tear down and repair spot. It features shock resistant polyethylene construction and has built in screw bins to keep […]
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DRL Drone Racing League – Level 1 Qualifiers Video

A few weeks back, I reported on the upcoming DRL or Drone Racing League. With lots of buzz leading up to the first event, or “level”, a video of the race has finally been released showcasing the first truly big budget FPV racing event. Check it out below, and for more info on the DRL, check out […]
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The multi-million dollar drone racing league goes live.

What’s that you say? You STILL don’t believe me, your humble neighborhood drone writer, that FPV racing is taking over in 2016? Well then, I implore you to check out the upcoming DRL or Drone Racing League. While organizations like Multi GP have been taking a community-driven, “grass roots” approach to FPV racing (which is AWESOME, by the way. Multi GP is […]
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FAA shuts down 36+ model aircraft clubs in Washington, DC

With what is sure to be the first of many headlines generated on the heels of the FAA’s mandatory registration news, here is an…. *ahem* “interesting” piece of news from our nation’s capital. The Federal Aviation Administration has shut down at least 36 model aircraft clubs in the Washington, DC area, citing a new, extended no-fly zone for drones […]
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FAA Drone Registration Q&A

Since the news broke from the U.S. government that all drone pilots will be required to register their UAS (unmanned aerial system), the FAA ruling has been dominating headlines. I (like many of you) have questions regarding the specifics of these new laws. Is there size restrictions? Weight? Altitude? Licensing? What are the penalties if I don’t […]
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World Drone Prix – The $1,000,000 FPV Race

I suppose it’s safe to say that FPV drone racing is blowing up. The recently announced World Drone Prix promises to pay out a ridiculous $1 million in prize money. Set to take place in March of 2016 in Dubai, the announcement was made on the last day of the World Air Games at Skydive […]
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FPV Common Sense – Fly Smart.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you should be fully aware that drones and all things UAS have dominated recent headlines. That being said, I think it’s very important that; as the visibility of our beloved hobby continues to grow, we all become ambassadors for what we love to […]
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