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March Bash-ness Contest Winner!

So I’m sure you all heard about the March Bash-ness craziness we have had going on, and Jeff mentioned we were going to give away a vehicle from whatever company was crowned the winner from your votes! Well, we grabbed all the people who commented, tossed them into a huge spreadsheet, mixed them up, then […]
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March Bash-ness Ultimate Basher

A big and hearty Congratulations to HPI Racing and the Savage Flux HP, The Ultimate Basher! Nine days ago we started March Bash-ness with 16 trucks. After all of you guys cast nearly 6,000 votes (most of which were legitimate!) over that time, 15 trucks have been sent home and we now have a winner.  […]
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March Bash-ness – Final Round Voting and Giveaway Entry

Click to embiggen [Update: Polls and comments are closed! Thanks for voting and hit up the front page tomorrow for the official crowning of The Ultimate Bashing Truck, then check back on Friday for the announcement of the giveaway winner and what he or she has won!] [Update from Brian: I have to admit the […]
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March Bash-ness – Round 3 Voting

click to embiggen [Update 2: Voting for Round 3 has now closed, click here for the Final Round and Giveaway entry!] [Update: Due to a d-bag spamming our poll, I had to go back and edit all 180 of his/her cast votes from the polls.  That user has been warned, if it happens again, the […]
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March Bash-ness – Round 2 Voting

Click to embiggen [Update: Voting for Round 2 has now closed.  Round 3 voting is open!] March Bash-ness round one is done, the winners have moved on and the losers have gone home. To recap the first round of voting, the young and spry Savage Flux handily trounced the great-grandfather of monster trucks, the Clod […]
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March Bash-ness – Round 1 Voting

Click to Embiggen. [Update: Round 1 voting is now closed, round 2 voting has started.] Here it is!  The first round of voting for our March Bash-ness spectacular is now open!  Pick the one in each battle that you want to see make it to the next round. Voting for this first round will be […]
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