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G-Force PS1200 NEO 50 Amp Power Supply

Shipping any day now from G-Force is the PS1200 NEO 50 Amp Power Supply. If you are looking for a beefy power supply for your battery chargers, the PS1200 can certainly do the job. With a voltage range of 15 to 30 volts DC, and up to 50 amps of current on tap, the PS1200 […]
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Tattu TA1200U Charger For 6S/12S/14S Lipo Batteries

New over at Tattu RC is the beefy TA1200U Charger For 6S/12S/14S Lipo Batteries. This monster of a battery charger has a maximum charge rate of 30 amps and can charge packs up to 14S in cell count. Here are more highlights- * Capable of charging 2 sets of lithium batteries simultaneously * Maximum output […]
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Gens Ace Announces Advanced Series LiPo Smart Batteries

The good folks over at Gens Ace have just announced a new series of Advanced Series LiPo Smart Batteries. The new Advanced Series represents the very latest and greatest in LiPo battery technology for both safety and power output. Check out these highlights- * Expected to start shipping later this month * 4.35 volts maximum […]
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Gens Ace iMARS Dual Channel Smart Charger

New over at Gens Ace is the iMARS Dual Channel Smart Charger. With two channels that can charge at up to 15 amps each, the Gens Ace iMARS can charge a pair of packs extremely quickly. Check out these highlights- * Available in white or black * Two channels of output * Max Charge Rate […]
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Maclan Racing DRK 10000mAh 2S6P 200C Extreme Drag Race Battery

Shipping now from Maclan Racing is their very potent DRK 10000mAh 2S6P 200C Extreme Drag Race Battery. With 10,000mAh hours, and an HV design that can be charged to a higher voltage than normal LiPo batteries, the new Maclan will be seeing a lot of winner’s circles this season. Here are the highlights- * Robust […]
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GensAce Imars III PRO 10A Smart Balance Battery Charger

Shipping now from GensAce is the Imars III PRO 10A Smart Balance Battery Charger. The new Pro version of the Imars III comes with more power and features, but keeps a low price point. Here are the highlights- * Single channel AC balance charger * Max charge rate 10 amps * 100V-240V AC input voltage […]
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Reedy Zappers DR 8250mAh HV-LiPo Competition Drag Battery

New from Reedy is the Zappers DR 8250mAh HV-LiPo Competition Drag Battery. The new Zapper features the latest and greatest in LiPo technology to help you crush it on the drag strip. Check out these highlights- * Designed specifically for drag racing * High capacity and C rating * Minimal voltage drop at launch * […]
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Reedy Zappers SG5 Competition HV-LiPo Batteries

Hot off the press from Reedy are Zappers SG5 Competition HV-LiPo Batteries. The new SG5 cells feature leading edge LiPo chemistry to give you more capacity, power output, and durability. Here are the highlights- * 3.8 volts per cell nominal voltage * Can be safely charged to 4.35V/cell * Available in twelve configurations * High […]
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