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JConcepts Warrior Clear Body for the ARRMA Typhon

New from JConcepts is the Warrior Clear Body for the ARRMA Typhon buggy. This radical looking shell features a heavily wrapped roll-cage to provide extra strength. Here are more highlights- * Eight individual front & side facing windows * Original JConcepts Warrior styling * Roll-cage style cab * Split front window * Air vents on […]
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JConcepts.net Exclusive Release – Hazard 1.9″ Aluminum Wheels

Have you been looking for some top-of-the-line wheels for your next build? If so, check out the new Hazard 1.9″ Aluminum Wheels from the good folks at JConcepts. These ridiculously trick wheels are made from the finest materials and are perfect for your next high-end build. Check out these highlights- * Three-piece design w/ aluminum […]
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JConcepts Announce Knobs And Launch Monster Truck Tires

New from JConcepts are Knobs and Launch Monster Truck Race Tires. The new tires from JC were designed from the ground up for all out performance, while also having a scale appearance. Check out these highlights- * Custom cut styling * Low-profile design * Knobs have irregular diamond knobs for crisp bite * Launch have […]
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JConcepts 1:1 Finnisher Titanium Valve Stem Covers

Over at JConcepts they continue to diversify with more new products for 1:1 sized vehicles. The latest 1:1 product from JConcepts are Finnisher Titanium Valve Stem Covers. These are without doubt the trickest valve stem covers we’ve ever seen and are made from high-end titanium. Here are the highlights- * Matches the look of previous […]
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JConcepts 2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Clear Body

New from JConcepts is a 2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Clear Body. Sporting an aggressive look and sized to fit all the popular no-prep drag cars, we will be seeing a lot of the new Cobra Jet Mustangs at local drag strips in the coming months. Check out these highlights- * Perfect for racers trying […]
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JConcepts S2 Series Body for the Schumacher Cougar LD2

New from JConcepts is an S2 Series Clear Body for the Schumacher Cougar LD2 race buggy. The S2 line-up of bodies from JConcepts was designed to enhance the handling of your buggy, giving it more grip in the corners, to help you win more races. Check out these highlights- * Drop on fit for the […]
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JConcepts ReHab 1/8 Buggy Tires In Silver Compound

New from the good folks at JConcepts are ReHab 1/8 Buggy Tires in Silver rubber compound. ReHab tires were designed for consistency and are perfect for smooth track conditions. Soon they will start shipping in Silver compound, which was designed specifically for fresh indoor clay tracks. Here are more highlights- * JConcepts original tread design […]
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JConcepts F2 Body Mount Adaptors & Body Nose Piece

When JConcepts first introduced their F2 1/8 Truggy body it was a huge departure from the norm. With more of a buggy look than truck, the F2 was designed for 100% all out performance. To help bring all that performance to all the big hitters in the class, JConcepts has just announced new Body Mount […]
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JConcepts 2.2″ Super Dish Wheels for the Traxxas Rustler & Stampede

Coming soon from the good folks at JConcepts are 2.2″ sized Super Dish Wheels for the 2wd Traxxas Rustler & Stampede. Vintage Traxxas wheels have long had a unique dish look to them, the new units from JConcepts keep the same look, while also bringing in modern materials. Here are the highlights- * Standard 2.2” […]
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