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Two New Brushless 1/8-scale Motors from Hobbywing: XeRun 4268 & 4274 G3

Hobbywing has announced two new brushless motor options for 1/8-scale on and off-road R/C models. The Hobbywing XeRun 4268 SD G3 and XeRun 4274 SD G3 offer raw-yet-refined power and plenty of tuning capabilities. These motors are the latest evolution of the XeRun 4274 and 4268 and are an excellent choice for any 1/8-scale competition build. […]
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Maclan Racing M32t Pro 160 and Pico 100 Brushless Speed Controllers

Newly announced by the Maclan Racing crew is the M32t Pro 160 as well as the M32t Pico 100. Both ESCs are expected to start shipping mid-January and feature all the high-end performance and adjustability that you are looking for. Have a look at these highlights- * Can be used on or off-road * Based […]
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Team Corally Revoc II TRX 160 “Racing Factory” 1/8 Brushless ESC

Shipping right now from Team Corally is the Revoc II TRX 160 “Racing Factory” Brushless ESC. The Revoc II is designed for 1/8th on and off-road applications where you need a high current, yet incredibly smooth, brushless speed controller. Here are the highlights- * 6S LiPo maximum cell count * 160 amps continuous current * […]
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JConcepts Finnisher 3x6mm Titanium Motor Screws

Over at JConcepts they have announced Finnisher 3x6mm Titanium Motor Screws. The Finnisher motor screws are high-end units made from ulta-lightweight Titanium and they feature significantly more surface area than normal motor screws. Check out these highlights- * Large diameter head which eliminates need for washer * Made from high-grade machined titanium * Tough black […]
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Futaba Announces New HPS-CT500 & HPS-CB500 HV Brushless Servos

New over at Futaba are the HPS-CT500 & HPS-CB500 brushless servos. The Futaba servos are high-end units built for serious performance. Check out these highlights- * Durable all metal gears * High voltage design * Affordable plastic case * Efficient HPS brushless motor * Both servos support SR mode * S.Bus and S.Bus2 compatible * […]
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Tamiya Announces New Sensored 04SR Brushless ESC

Recently announced by Tamiya is the 04SR Sensored Brushless ESC. The 04SR is highly versatile as it can be used on sensored, non-sensored, or even brushed motors. Check out these highlights- * Supplied with cooling fan * Brushed motor 23 turn limit * Highly adjustable * Maximum continuous current- 75 amps * Comes with forward […]
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Speedzone Announces Line of Drag Racing Motors

Over at SpeedZone USA they recently announced a new line-up or ultra high output Drag Racing Motors. The motors range from 13.5 turns for spec racing, all the way down to just 1.5 turns for those of you looking for true insanity. Here are the highlights- * Available winds- 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.5, […]
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Reedy HV Digital Aluminum Brushless Servos

New from Reedy are three new HV Digital Aluminum Brushless Servos. All three servos are powered by highly efficient brushless motors and come with heavy duty aluminum cases. Here are more details- * Precision metal gears * Powerful brushless motor * Advanced microprocessor * CNC machined aluminum case * Water and dust resistant * Dual […]
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HPI Jumpshot MT Get FLUX Power

New from HPI Racing is a Flux Powered Version of their Jumpshot MT RTR monster truck. The Jumpshot MT (click here for our Review From 2015) has received a massive influx of power thanks to its new powerful brushless system. With big tires, beefy shocks, and the new Flux power system, the Jumpshot MT Flux […]
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