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Treal Front and Rear Aluminum Axle Housings for the SCX6

The list of updates for the **Axial SCX6 **keeps growing! Treal has added new front and rear axles housings to their lineup of option parts for the mammoth trail rig. Both of these new axle housings are made from 7075 aluminum and feature a one-piece design. The housings include oversized ball bearings for improved, smooth […]
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Injora Releases a 4-pack of 1.0″ Beadlock Wheels and Tires

If you’re looking to liven things up on your small-scale R/C crawler, Injora has released a set of 1.0″ pre-mounted aluminum beadlock wheels and tires. With a tire that offers an aggressive tread pattern and wheels that are available in a variety of color and finish combinations, you now have even more opportunities to customize […]
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Treal Releases Three New Brass Upgrades for the SCX10 III Early Bronco

Treal has introduced three new brass chassis upgrades for the Axial SCX10 III Early Bronco, each focused on adding low-end weight to this 1/10-scale trail machine. While the SCX10 III has traditionally rocked portal axles, these upgrades are all centered around the straight-axle setup of the Early Ford Bronco. The collection of brass upgrades includes […]
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Extreme RC 4×4 Rear Trailing Arms for the Axial SCX10 III

Since its launch, the SCX10 has become an incredible platform for scale R/C enthusiasts. Almost chameleon-like in nature, there are quite a few ways to transform this 1/10-scale trail machine into a unique, customized rig. If your off-road R/C vision calls for something on the wild side, Extreme RC 4×4 has released a new SCX10 […]
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Axialfest Badlands 2021 Registration Begins!

It’s happening! Axialfest Badlands 2021 will happen June 24th-26th in Attica IN! Just like last year, it will be at the awesome Badlands Off-Road Park, and we can’t wait to go. We had a blast last year, meeting all the fans, driving on all the amazing trails (Show of hands, who was brave enough to […]
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Team Garage Hack GOAT Axle Panhard Mount for the Axial Capra

Team Garage Hack has released its GOAT Axle Panhard Mount for crawlers and trail rigs that are running Axial Capra axles. Featuring machined 6061-T6 aluminum construction, this Panhard bar mount will give you greater flexibility when it comes to running Capra axles on a rail-style chassis. The GOAT Axle Panhard Mount has been designed for […]
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Axial Racing Teaser and Rumor

Over on the Axial Racing Facebook page, they are teasing this picture with the hastags #notabomber. Moments later the manual, showed up on line for a 1/10 scale RBX10 Ryft Rock Bouncer and our email box was filling with all sorts of rumors and links! Nothing is official yet so we will just leave the […]
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RC4WD Hardcore Centered Rear Axle Case for Axial Yeti

Want to add a aftermarket rear case on your Yeti? Our friends over at RC4WD have just released the Hardcore Centered Rear Axle Case that should have some people drooling. The RC4WD case features a Heavy Duty Steel Straight Axle Shaft, inside of a CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Housing. They are shipping now, and are […]
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