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JConcepts Releases New ARRMA Kraton Option Parts

Over at JConcepts they have just announced a bunch of Option Parts for the mighty 6S ARRMA Kraton. From heavy duty aluminum shock towers, to a very trick carbon fiber front-to-rear chassis brace, all the new JC parts were designed for maximum performance. Here are the details- ARRMA Kraton 6s BLX – Aluminum Rear Shock […]
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Pro-Line 1/5 Pre-Cut 1956 Ford F-100 Clear Body

Coming soon to a hobby shop near you is the new 1/5 Pre-Cut 1956 Ford F-100 Clear Body from the good folks at Pro-Line. Sized to fit trucks like the 8S ARRMA Kraton, this vintage Ford F-100 is sure to turn heads. Check out these highlights- * Retro classic styling * Custom hot-rod style extended […]
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Powerhobby Aluminum 31mm Differential Locker Spool For 6S ARRMA Vehicles

New from the good folks over at Powerhobby is an Aluminum 31mm Differential Locker Spool for ARRMA 6S vehicles. This heavy duty aluminum spool eliminates the differential action, thus allowing both (or all) wheels to turn at the same speed. Using a spool is especially useful when doing speed runs, or when driving on extremely […]
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Bittydesign 1/7 VPR Clear Body For The ARRMA Felony

Over at Bittydesign they have officially dropped their new 1/7 VPR Clear Body For The ARRMA Felony. The new large scale VPR body not only looks incredibly stylish, but was also designed for serious performance while driving. Check out these highlights- * Designed specifically to fit the ARRMA Felony * Also compatible with the ARRMA […]
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Powerhobby Aluminum Front Chassis Brace for ARRMA 6S Line-Up

Now available from Powerhobby is a very trick Aluminum Front Chassis Brace. The new brace fits ARRMA’s 6S BLX off-road line-up and is CNC machined from a high quality aluminum. Much stronger than plastic, the aluminum chassis brace is made for hardcore use and comes anodized in black for a modern look. Powerhobby Aluminum Front […]
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Bittydesign 1/8 Divina Clear On-Road Body

New and hot from Bittydesign is the 1/8 Divina Clear On-Road Body. The Divina is sized to fit vehicles like the ARRMA 1/8 Vendetta & Infraction 4WD MEGA, as well as other 1/8th on-road machines. Check out these highlights- * Made from genuine 1mm thick Lexan polycarbonate * Rear wing hardware is included * Wheelbase […]
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Powerhobby Aluminum Steering Servo Mount for the ARRMA 6S Series

Shipping now from Powerhobby is an Aluminum Steering Servo Mount for ARRMA’s 6S line-up of vehicles. The aluminum servo mount is much stronger than the stock plastic piece and can really help bulletproof your pride and joy. Check out these highlights- * Made from CNC machined aluminum * Bolt-on upgrade * Much more durable than […]
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ARRMA 1/8 TLR Tuned Typhon 6S BLX Buggy RTR

Just announced over at ARRMA is a new RTR Version of their extremely popular 1/8 TLR Tuned Typhon 6S BLX Buggy. The new Typhon comes fully assembled and factory-equipped for bashing or racing. Here are the highlights- * Laser-etched TLR tuned parts * Factory-installed Spektrum electronics * Standout ARRMA body with exclusive paint scheme using […]
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Delta Plastik 4000 WR Speed Clear Body

The crew over at Delta Plastik have been making huge waves in the rc body industry. From on-road to off-road, Delta Plastik has put out some pretty incredible bodies in the last two years. Now, for all you high speed lunatics out there, Delta Plastik has officially dropped the 4000 WR Speed Clear Body. Designed […]
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