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Duratrax Clip-Lock Wheel Face System for 5.7″ Ripper Wheels

Coming soon from Duratrax is a Clip-Lock Wheel Face System for 5.7″ Ripper wheels. The new wheel face system makes it easy to change the color of your wheels for a fresh new look. Check out these highlights- * Easy way to give your wheels a personalized look * Three colors – Mirror chrome, black […]
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Traxxas Tech Bench – Sledge Modular Wheels Explained

The folks over at Traxxas have posted a new Tech Bench Article on their Sledge Modular Wheels. The Traxxas modular wheels for the mighty Sledge monster truck were engineered from the ground up for not only strength and hot looks, but also to be highly adjustable. The Tech Bench article goes on to explain how […]
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JConcepts Top Hat Titanium Screw Sets for the Associated B6.4 & B6.4D

New from JConcepts are Top Hat Titanium Screw Sets for the Team Associated B6.4 and B6.4D race buggies. These high-end titanium screw kits are super light, super trick, as well as quite strong. Here are the highlights- * Original JConcepts design * Screws made from high quality titanium * Top Hat head design * Sets […]
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RPM Front Bumper and Skid Plate for the Traxxas Sledge

The news out of RPM today is all about their new Front Bumper and Skid Plate for the mighty Traxxas Sledge monster truck. Made from RPM’s ridiculously tough plastic, the new bumper and skid plate are perfect for helping to protect your Sledge. Here are the highlights- * Longer and wider skid plate * Front […]
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JConcepts Announces Body Shell Masking Tape

New from JConcepts is Body Shell Masking Tape. The new masking tape was designed to give your next paint job crisp lines and will be available in two different widths. Here are the highlights- * High quality tape designed for good adhesion & crisp lines * Easy to identify orange colors * Two width options […]
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Locked Up RC 1.9″ Stator Beadlock Rings

Over at Locked Up RC they are now shipping 1.9″ Stator Beadlock Rings. These trick looking beadlock rings are made from aluminum and are drilled to match the Axial Racing 1.9″ bead lock ring mounting pattern. Here are more highlights- * Unique stepped cog design * Can function as side biters in tight situations * […]
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Powerhobby Brass Inner Front Portal Housing for the TRX-4

New from Powerhobby are Brass Inner Front Portal Housings for the mighty Traxxas TRX-4. These trick looking upgrade parts have been CNC machined from brass to help add a bit of weight down low, thus helping to improve performance out on the trail. Anodized in black and engraved with the Powerhobby logo, the brass portal […]
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JConcepts Scale Engine Accessory Set

Shipping now from JConcepts is a Scale Engine Accessory Set. The Engine Accessory Set can be used to give your monster truck some serious drip, without breaking your wallet. Here are the highlights- * Original design by JConcepts * Injection molded parts replicate carb & injection assemblies * 44 total piece count, chrome plated pieces […]
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HPI Racing GT-6 Roof Skid Plate Set

New over at HPI Racing are Roof Skids for large monster truck bodies. Designed to fit HPI bodies like the GT-6 and GTXL-6, the new roof skids are perfect for giving your monster truck more protection while sliding across pavement and other rough surfaces. Better still, the roof skids can be mounted on any type […]
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