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Traxxas Ford Mustang 5.0 Body for Drag Slash

New from Traxxas is a Ford Mustang 5.0 Body for the mighty Drag Slash. The Traxxas Mustang Fox body has been impeccably scaled down from the original for a great look, here are the highlights. * Modeled after the notchback 5.0 Fox-chassis Mustang * Available pre-painted or in clear * Painted Mustang bodies include molded […]
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Exotek Lightweight F1 Racing Spool

Recently announced by Exotek is a Lightweight F1 Racing Spool. This high-end spool is extra lightweight, yet more than strong enough for the rigors of racing. Here are the highlights- * Made from extra lightweight carbon fiber and 7075 aluminum * 1/4″ rear axle fits F1ULTRA, X1 and Roche F1 cars * Locked spool can […]
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Carten 1/10 T410FWD Pro Kit

New from Carten is the 1/10 T410FWD Pro Kit. Designed for FWD racing, the T410FWD Pro uses a front motor layout for optimal weight distribution. Here are more highlights- * Low friction drivetrain * Full bearing set * Steel CVDs * Composite fiber chassis, upper deck, and shock tower * Aluminum floating servo mount * […]
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Axialfest Badlands 2022 was a polar opposite from 2021. 2021 was a mud fest filled with rain, when this year’s Axialfest Badlands was dry and hot. And that’s just the weather, this year’s event had more venders, along with one of the biggest night runs I have ever seen. The dry conditions made for fantastic […]
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Teaser – Traction Hobby 1/8 Tank 300 Competitive Edition

New over at Traction Hobby is a Competitive Edition of their 1/8th scaled Tank 300 scale trail rig. Traction Hobby was one of the first to jump into the 1/8th scale rock crawler category and their upcoming Tank 300 CE has even more scale detailing than their previous models. * Pre-painted metal green, metal silver, […]
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Team Associated Belted Drag Slick Rear Tires

Now shipping from Team Associated are Belted Drag Slick Rear Tires. In the never ended pursuit for performance, the AE crew has dropped new belted drag slicks. With a soft rubber compound and a belted design, the new tires are perfect for getting you down the lane faster than ever before. Here are the highlights- […]
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AKA Viper 2.2″ Off-Road Buggy Race Tires

New from AKA are Viper 2.2″ Off-Road Buggy Race Tires. The new Vipers were designed to be a solid choice indoors, or out. Here are the highlights- * Available for buggy rear, 2wd front, or 4wd front * Maximized tread volume for performance and longevity * Refined tire carcass shape for the highest performance * […]
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ARRMA 1/8 Infraction 4X4 3S BLX Resto-Mod RTR

New from ARRMA is the 1/8 Infraction 4X4 3S BLX Resto-Mod RTR. The 3S Infraction will be available in two different color schemes and is capable of 65+ mph speeds. Here are more highlights- * Two matte and gloss effect print scheme choices * Brushless-ready transmission includes strong, metal-geared diffs * dBoots Hoons Elevens tires […]
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Hobbytech 13 Piece RC Tool Kit

Over at Hobbytech they have announced a 13 Piece RC Tool Kit. This handy dandy tool kit comes with the most needed tools for rc wrenching. Check out these highlights- * Hex Screwdrivers – 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3mm * 5.5 and 7mm wrench * Set of 3 clamps * Lexan scissors * 6-in-1 Biellette […]
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